white smile dental
white smile dental

Creating the Smile

A perfect smile is one that’s in harmony with your facial features. At White Smile Dental, we take an artistic approach to each individual smile, giving you the look as if you’ve always had a gorgeous grin.

You’ve Always Wanted

white smile dental
white smile dental

The Ultimate, Relaxing


Dental Experience

At White Smile, we know everyone wants to have a perfect smile; therefor we pride ourselves in making your dental experience as relaxing and pain-free as possible.

white smile dental
white smile dental

Pampering You With

Comfort And Innovation

White Smile Dental is a state of the art facility with the latest technology designed to make your dental visit a pleasurable experience. We offer intra-oral cameras and computer imaging that allows the patient to observe their dentition through the eyes of the dentist.

We provide the latest technology for complete dental care. Whether you are looking for that special smile makeover or any cosmetic procedure, we can help! Serving Ontario and the surrounding area, give us a call and see how comfortable we can help make you feel for your smile procedure. Give us a call today!

At our office, we serve all of your dental needs, ranging from adults, children, cosmetics, and teeth whitening.

Our mission is to provide exceptional dental care in the most comfortable and pleasant environment. Through the art and science of dentistry, we are able to achieve results that surpass the highest expectations of our patients.

We specialize in transforming your smile while promoting long-term health through state-of-the-art technologies & treatments such as:

  • Digital X-Rays
  • Computerized Smile Imaging
  • Advanced Sterilization
  • Water Delivery System
  • Teeth Whitening System

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